Kaleb Gibson


Port Charlotte, FL

(317) 833-5272

What I Do

Creating content for people to enjoy is a deep passion of mine and through interfaces and web designs, my innovations can be a touch or click away. So why the Web? With nearly global access to the Internet, the experiences I design can be enjoyed across any platform, anywhere, any time. I'm here to make my mark on the world that will stand the test of time. So why not do it digitally?

  • RPSLS Web App

  • Personal Website (WIP)

  • First, Simple Website

Work Experience

2013 | Feature Film "Sex Ed" (Netflix)

Graphic Designer

  • ○ Freelance design and creation of physical maps for cast and crew.
  • ○ Creation of the production company logo in Illustrator.

2012 | Orlando City Soccer

Lead Shading and Lighting Artist

  • ○ Applied clients vision on textures and lighting the 3D animation.
  • ○ Consistently produced results to show client and fixed any concerns.
  • ○ Shading, textureing, lighting entire animation.
  • ○ Assembled renders to absolute final product.

2009 | Gibson & Evans Surveying, LLC

Logo Designer

  • ○ Met clients needs for company logo.
  • ○ Produced multiple designs and worked with client to create their vision.
  • ○ Created business cards with accepted logo for employees.
  • ○ Worked with local marketing company to produce signs on business property.


Full Sail University

Entertainment, Media & Arts

  • ○ Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation
  • ○ Course Director Award
  • ○ Outstanding Demo Reel


  • ○ HTML
  • ○ CSS
  • ○ JavaScript (jQuery)
  • ○ Adobe Photoshop
  • ○ Adobe Illustrator
  • ○ Mac OS, Windows OS
  • * All web skills are self-taught


This web app was a personal project of mine to really stretch my basic javascript knowledge. It also let me dive into jQuery and see waht I could do.

I had such a great time working on this project and was able to learn so much.

It was all hand coded by myself and most of the graphics were done by me as well.

Personal Website (WIP)

My personal website is a combination of learning and applying.

I began work on my website as what I like to call "my home on the web". A bigger task than I originally thought, which is why it is still a work-in-progress.

I hope to finish it very soon, but I was so eager to get my work out there, I needed this site for now.

Black + White

This was the first website I ever created. The entire site is based off of single images.

I wanted to put everything I learned about HTML & CSS into practice. I found some images online of a website and decided to create it just based on those images.

The entire site was hand coded by myself with only HTML and CSS.

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(317) 833-5272